engraving music

typsetting of music score (Notensatz mit Lilypond und Frescobaldi)

Projects 2013:
Pallestrina, G.: Missa Brevis MI Major
Brahms, J.: Rhapsodie for altus, choirpart only
various, : arias for tenor and piano

example 1: Pourquoi me réveiller - Werther - Massenet.
problems: Tremoli in left hand, and multiple voices in piano part.

example 2: custome made booklets
problems: exact placing of paragraphs. next step: hiding the place-holder periods

example 3: Palestrina - Missa Brevis ES
problem: values are out of meter, aligning the bars was tough



Current projects

April 2014

I am typesetting a Duetto from the Opera "Rodelinda" from G.F. Händel.
First step is getting the score into Lilypond. My goal is to transpose it little bit lower fo be sung by a sprano and tenor. The original version is set for counter-tenor.
In order to have still a close vocal fit between soprano and tenor I would have to sing it one octave higher than written and that will become very tough. So I will actually set it one septime higher and
put it into the standard notation for tenors (with the little 8 below the key)

I found a new online interpreter for lilypond - http://lilybin.com/
you can see the troubles I have setting the lyrics below.
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