the most stunning hobby - ASTRONOMY -

When looking at the stars we are looking back at our selves. In fact, all matter that is was once born from stars

First stars gave light, heat, energy... before dying the produce loads of denser matter that is being thrown out into the deep sky.

my telescope in the garden, behind on the sky: hunter (Orion) on the watch
best garden astronomy shots

my equipment

Refraktor 1: 80/900 Celestron
Refraktor 2: 60/500 unknown
Refraktor 3: 70/700 Bresser
3-pod with paral. GOTO Celestron Advanced Mount (CAM)
Webcam (Celestron)
Standard set of 1,25' eyepieces Suplerplössel
variing from 30mm - 5mm of focal length

project 180/800 Chromat / Refractor

Stage one:
Purchase of a refracting lens: Diameter 200mm, focal lenghth 800mm
I found an online store in  Germany. Two days later I hat the lense in hand.

I configured a set of water tubes around to fit the optics.. I took a KG Kellergruben Rohr 200mm / 700mm long

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